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Submitted on Apr 19, 2013 by  linda1st

I rarely make it to the doctors. I don't recommend it...but there's nothing there for my time wasted.  I have an appointment later this week, and the level of input on their part will determine my choice to  continue or switch doctors again.

Good news though, January labs were " viral load 290".  Amazing, No meds!  I thought the receptionist said "2900", but after several repeats and confirmations... it was 290. I was initially worried, my  CD4 was low at the 300's, but with a viral load at 290, I see no problem. It was in the 2000's a year ago, and has come down. No meds.

So, diet...healthy eating, and lifestyle choices MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I can't stress it enough for the newly diagnosed...."take better care of yourself!!!"

Since I am not on meds, I am not restricted on herbal remedies I can try; and Basil Oil is something I have been using. Along with lots of fresh mushrooms, mushroom soup, dark purple fruits, and probiotics; I maintain an above average healthy diet. Nothing extraordinary, but the simplest and freshest possible. No microwaved stuff and rarely fast foods.  I still crave sweets now and then, but since I eat salads 75% of the time, I do indulge.

I guess I must write a book to perpetuate this theory, because no one seems to want to grasp the idea that foods can kill you or help save you. I think the basil oil is the kicker, it kills viruses.  What more is there to say?

Eat to live healthier, Linda


**(Note from The Well Project: It is advised to speak to your health care provider about nutritional supplements you are taking or any changes in your medications)

Submitted by linda1st

You know I luv Ya Maria!

I am not on meds. Never was.

I have always been a health enthusiast, and with HIV it is paying off. I never smoked Cigarettes, never was into meth or coke. I don't use harsh cleaners or pesticides...and never did.

More importantly, my Doctors are not equipped to deal with me. They are brainwashed. They should have asked about my 290 VL and how I had achieved it....they skipped right over that 'little tidbit' and commented on my low CD4. My CD4 isn't low...when you consider the 290 VL with no meds. The April Dr appointment was 1202 VL and 456 CD4. My daughter reminded me I had been exposed to Kerosene fumes for approximately 5 days, and maybe that caused the spike in my VL. Regardless, my CD4's stepped up. Why do I have to read my own results...what is the Doctor doing for me? All I need is the labs. It's BS!

Newly diagnosed people aren't getting good information!!!!!

EAT BETTER, CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE TO HEALTHY MINDED CHOICES. No alcohol or drug abuse. Ya a drink once in a while. BUT everything you do, either makes you healthier....or hurts you. Make good choices.

Submitted by linda1st

Read about Elite Controllers and Non Progressors....Zephyr Foundation. Don't just do what your told.

Submitted by michelle

Go on meds. Your vl and cd4 work seperately. I have undetectable vl and cd4 of 123, 2 and half years after dx. How you care for yourself is part of it not all of it. When you go below 200, have pcp snd thrush so bad you can't eat and nothing tastes good from it you will be forced onto the meds. Hearing take the meds or die isn't something you want to hear. Don't think because your cd4 is above 200 you can't get sick, you can. Yes I eat good, watch my alcohol, don't smoke, and don't do drugs.

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

Hi hun ..please this condition is tricky and just monitor your tcells. I was with no meds for 10 years by choice and I almost died and got Cancer. if those tcells go below 200 you will be diagnosed with AIDS and this condition will creep up on you and try to take you out. it is very important to do all things healthy :) I do it all..I only eat organic and I juice and work out..but the arvs control that virus from destroying your immune system. the good thing is your vl is low but you already have a very low immune system ( just monitor it hun )

when you get below 200 tcells you are exposed to many viral infections out there

I am sending you much love and light


Submitted by michelle

Hi Linda,

Please go back to your drugs,its very important cos when your tcells go below 200...that poses a lot of threat cos your immune system will be very low too.
Adherence is the key love.

Take care and lots of HUGS


Submitted by linda1st

Thanks for the concern.
I don't know what dx means.
I'll stick to my herbs and spices.
The POINT is , take good care of yourself...it can prolong health.
The newly diagnosed get mis information or no information.
I'll let you know when I get sick.
But it's pretty rare. I been taking care of myself for over 40 years, and it makes a difference, best wishes on your health...and everyone elses. Linda

Sorry, but I don't trust Doctors with my health, if they can't answer my questions. I do my own research.

They don't understand my non-progression, meds is everyone's answer. So sad.

Submitted by linda1st

Well my viral load was 290, and now it's 409!  NO MEDS Still! Plans to get it back down.....are on my agenda!

I appreciate all the concern, but it's pretty ridiculous not to work towards optimum health, HIV or not.

...and if CD4 count is in your mind, well, my CD4's run around 400-600, depending on general health (like a cold or not), or on poor diet; due to lack of money.

Alcohol consumption, drugs, smoking, and junk food all sabotage your health....and coffee is my worst habit!

I will continue to refuse meds, and yes...they do recommend them!  But if I can hold the virus off so well with out them, what's the point in taking them?

I am about to try a new Dr. This will be interesting as usual, because I usually am more versed in the HIV dialog than the Doctors are!!!  Very un-impressed with the ones so far, but in order to track my results....I must stay in care. Or believe me..I wouldn't bother!

If you don't have medical benefits...EAT GOOD!   And what does that mean?   Eat veggies and good meats, beans, herbs and spices (they help immensely). Avoid the stuff that hurts the Lymphatic System ( like toxins , food additives and chemicals.....paint fumes, plastic fumes, and exhaust fumes)

I am encouraged as a healthy diet begins to come into the conversation....BUT, it's way too little, way too late!

EAT GOOD.....BECAUSE YOU WANT TO LIVE WELL!  and that's for everyone...but especially for those fighting a disease.

Personally, I don't take pills....certainly not everyday....and I know I will not adhere...so I better be serious about my health plan; and I think what i am doing is giving me results that are pretty miraculous (and vitamins should be food sourced ones..not a lab's chemicals! don't waste money on vitamins....it's 'food nutrition' that HEALS)

...and I won't hold my breath waiting for a Doctor to say so. 


Don't live in fear, just eat better and use common sense!  I plan to erradicate the Virus from myself...and until I do, 'holding it at bay', works just fine!

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