An update from Nigeria

newboseLife for me and my family is a big struggle but in everything, we give thanks to God. There are so many challenges to life here in Nigeria. My daughter took ill and we could not afford to take her to the hospital, she was very sick and vomiting for four days. Most parents do safe medication for their children since they can take them to a clinic, even our so called primary health centers you can get treatment free. But the government will tell us it is free for children but not until you get there to find out it is a different ball game.

My elder brother narrowly escape from the second terrorist bomb attack that happened in Abuja. Our 200+ girls that were kidnapped are still yet to be found.

Getting a job is so hard. My younger brother who finished school for over a year know is still job hunting even after serving his fatherland, Nigeria. I was also called by my younger brother that my dad who will be 72 tomorrow is very sick. I can't take him to the hospital because there are no funds to do that...and this is a man who also served with our country army for half of his life.

HIV! One is just enough!! Having me and my elder brother (HIV+) is devastating for me as a person, and his has having kidney renal failure since 2009 and sometime in September 2013 the whole thing just went bad. We spent close to 20,000 naira every 16 day's for medications and medical tests.

The gay rights issue and criminalization is also a big problem. There is no support for gay people and some even are asking about how to change their lifestyle but don't know how to go about it. I believe that some of us are so afraid of even talking about it. There is a young guy who lives around me here in Abuja, whom the community suspects to be gay. He has been treated very badly by the community, anytime they see him or her they make jest of him a lot, that it made me get so upset that I have to just talked about it with some of them.

I have been wanting to blog for a while, but most time I just don't know were to start. There are so many different things happening around me psychologically, physically and emotionally.

Love, Bose




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Dear I feel for you life is so difficult but I know all your challenges will come to an end. from Zambia


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Thank you for sharing Boseolotu. In many parts of the world we do not realise the day to day struggle of those who live in countries such as Nogeria. I hope your little girl is better there is nothing more helpless than seeing our children sick. X


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