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Submitted on Feb 25, 2011 by  linda1st

Hello All!

As I see our ranks our growing!

I just read some of the posts. I, too, fear my Lab work, Maria. We're all together and alone at the same time. You are lucky you have a partner, I miss that in my life...but I am cautious. If it's meant to be..it will happen.

I have some links to health info to share. I can't stress it enough. Whether you're on meds or not. Fresh food and healthy choices are critical. Dietary guidelines are not enough to keep us healthy. We need more nutrition and healthier food to keep our bodies strong. Vitamins created in a Laboratory from chemical compounds are not what I am talking about.

I am speaking of spinach, kale, pomegranates,cherries, yogurt, peppers, garlic, sweet potatoes, apples, lemons, and fresh herbs like Basil and Parsley.  Spices like Curry and Turmeric, fresh ground pepper, and Anise, Cinnamon and Cardamom.

What is the incidence of HIV and AIDS in countries where these condiments are staples in the diet?

We can't heal and remain healthy on white bread and liquor. Fast food restaurants seek to save money and stretch food dollars. They literally stretch food stuffs to lower the bottom line.

For example: The ice cream I buy, stays whipped even without refrigeration! Seriously!  I do not have a refrigerator. I figured I'd use the melted remaining ice cream in my coffee. It was still foamy like a kids science project. What chemical does that?  certainly not CREAM!

I just had my Labs done, and while I'd love a non-detectable (!!!!),  I am 1800 on the VL, and my CD4 went up to the higher end of the 600's. With no meds. I can't tell you what to eat, what to try, what to take. But food is what I advocate. Also the removal of toxic chemicals from your home environment.

 Soy, it's not what you've been told to think

A millionish uncommon--and not so uncommon--uses for coconut oil

Overuse of antibiotics greatest threat to human health



Do the chemicals that turn soda brown also cause cancer?

8 known carcinogens to remove from your house

Overwhelming I know. But so is our status!  Empower yourself, it's not just our HIV we are fighting....it's Alzheimer's, old age , arthritis, diabetes...and cancers. I think better nutrition is a good tactical start!

Wish we could all be more comforted by each other....the people living 30 years, give me hope! We're not alone...and WE may be the lucky ones! Because we got tested, and now we can live healthier. Eat to Live, Linda

Submitted by celina5000

Thank you Linda for highlighting some good sites about what we put in our bodies; meds seem to serve some people well, but I've never taken any anti-retro treatments for more than a week on 2 occasions. Still kicking after 27 years. Gisele

Submitted by linda1st

Fantastic! I was worried it was too much, or wouldn't be of interest. I always caution for the people on Meds to look for interactions. I can't say if lots of Curry or Turmeric will interrupt anti retro viral treatments. But Lots of Garlic will interrupt viral and bacterial growth! lol
For all those not on Meds, it's important for us to start sharing our tricks! Without the worry of drug interaction, we have a plethora of choices! Our information and experience could HELP so many others. It's fantastic!

Garlic contains Sulfur, Natural Sulfur is depleted from our soil. There are natural alternatives as supplements.....but a lot of Garlic is a good start! This does not mean powdered varieties found in your dollar store. Fresh has properties, the dried and processed, does not.

It also fights Candida, or Yeast overgrowth , i.e. Thrush! When our bodies are full of yeast and sugar, bacteria has a home to grow in.

Coconut oil seems to be the grease of the Gods! Please , everyone read up on it! I promise you will be amazed and pleased! Eat to Live, Linda

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