We Demanded U Equals U! We Demanded the Truth and We Got It in IAS2017

Submitted on Jul 25, 2017 by  MariaHIVMejia

Today July 24, 2017 is a historic day! What was hidden from us came to the light today! It was hidden for almost 10 years. We pretty much joined together and put pressure. This was demanded by us and the whole world has to know. I have been undetectable for 18 years and living with this condition for 29 years. Why wasn't I considered responsible enough (18 years of adherence and undetectable) to be told the truth? I knew about the Swiss statement for 5 years and no one would confirm it here in the USA or other areas of the world! I had the right as a very adherent person to know the truth!!! To know and understand that I wasn't a risk to any of my partners for 18 years!!!! To suffer just with the thought that I could hurt the ones that I love was horrific and depressing. I feel happy today, but I also feel upset and just like the doctor that gave the Swiss statement, had all of these questions to the panel at the International AIDS Society in Paris.

They made us look more dangerous than we were. Damn it!!! If we are living with HIV and we have a sustained suppressed viral load We CANNOT transmit the virus to no one!!! UNAIDS, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Director of NIAID), Charles King (CEO of Housing Works in NYC), Dázon Dixon Diallo (CEO of SisterLove Inc.), and our dear Bruce Richman (ED of Prevention Access Campaign and pioneer and creator of #uequalsu) finally spoke up and said in front of the whole world that #uequalsu!! This is why we must unite together as one! United we stand, divided we fall! This shows us that as patients and advocates of others, I know that by educating ourselves and others we take the control back. We have to be proactive with our health and fight.

BTW... I think Dr. Pietro Viernazza (Swiss Statement) should have been a part of the panel and given the recognition he deserved. What he started will set many free! Hell, I feel so free that I feel light like a feather even with all the chaos around me. The truth always sets us free.

Much love and light always, #mariamejia

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