The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself on the Inside and Outside

This blog is dedicated to my best friend sister, Nichelle Daniel.

While walking through the mall with my best friend (sister) for twenty or more years, we were talking about the importance of taking care of you to remain healthy. She reminded me while yes, it is important to eat healthy, have daily exercise, and keep up with my daily regimen, that taking care of my outside was important to. I had to admit that I have been neglecting myself and she knows she is the only one that is able to get away with calling me out on it.

What I am trying to say is many of us who have been newly diagnosed with HIV have gotten so wrapped up in keeping up with our daily regimen and fighting off the effects of depression at the same time (I know I am), that we tend to push outside our outside appearance.

As we continued to talk she explained to me that just because I am HIV positive does not mean that I should stop living (again she was right - I have stopped living since my diagnosis) and that there is nothing wrong with treating myself monthly to getting my eyebrows done, feet, nails, hair, a new pair of shoes or an outfit... It will not hurt the bank but would in fact pull me out of my depression, build my confidence, and self esteem and help me live again.

We all need that friend in our life that gives us that push and helps us to realize how sometimes we can neglect ourselves and that just because we are HIV positive doesn’t mean we stop living.




This is a really good

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This is a really good reminder, LaWanda, for us all! And it's wonderful that you have such a close friend who can speak to you about these things. <3


thank you it is hard to find

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thank you it is hard to find people like this anymore.



importance taking care of youeself

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itis hard to find people like this


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