The Importance of Supporting People Living with HIV

Submitted on Oct 12, 2017 by  LaWanda37

It was not until the ADAP conference that I realized how important support is when getting adjusted to living with HIV. When I was newly diagnosed with HIV, having support played a huge role in my adjusting to my new life and the way I see things. Not only does a person living with HIV need support from family and friends to transitioning into their life with medication, they also need mental health services that are not only affordable but also culturally diverse. Having mental health services that are supportive and having supportive family and friends plays a huge part in how a person responds to their daily regimen. For me personally I think that if I did not have this I would have stopped taking my medication a long time ago. Without support, many people living with HIV who are newly diagnosed will stop taking their meds or attempt to commit suicide (even with support I had thought about it myself). Finding a dependable support system is the key to a person living with HIV. Without it I would not have made it to where I am right now. Even though I have a lot of growing to do, that support is there.

Submitted by kmartel

Thank you for sharing this, is so true! Finding a support network, whether through a support group, family, friends, online--or any combination of these--is so important. I'm glad you found yours, and are sharing the positive impact it has. I'm also excited to hear you were at AIDS Watch. Are you planning to attend again in 2018? Scholarship applications are open now! 

Submitted by LaWanda37

Thank you I don't know if people realize how much having support improves your health. I have applied for the AIDSWATCH scholarship so hopefully I will be able to attend this year

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