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SHE/HER/THEY (Sexual Health Education/HIV Empowerment Resources/Treating HIV Equally) is an educational outreach initiative focused on improving engagement in care, health outcomes, and well-being for women living with and vulnerable to HIV while promoting language justice and holistic wellness through a non-stigmatizing lens.

Across all aspects of SHE/HER/THEY programming from development to dissemination, our approach to decreasing stigma and normalizing HIV includes:

  • Centering the lives and experiences of Black women and other women of color across the gender spectrum
  • Integrating sexual and reproductive health, including sex positivity and pleasure, into women-focused HIV care, prevention, and education efforts
  • Increasing meaningful engagement with providers by encouraging culturally responsive care that addresses the whole woman, regardless of her HIV status
  • Reframing the discussion of "risk" and focusing on the interconnected manifestations of HIV relevance and reasons for HIV prevention in women's lives
  • Incorporating consistent undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U) messaging

Results from The Well Project's Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) 2021 annual meeting, Research at the Intersection of HIV and Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health, are a key component of the evidence base supporting SHE/HER/THEY.

We add new content to this page regularly – so please check back often for new informational materials and multi-media programs that we hope you will share widely!

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Articles and Conference Coverage Pleasure: The Well Project Signs On to The Pleasure Principles, Welcomes The Pleasure Project as a Partner

We cannot wait to explore collaboration with The Pleasure Project, and even further integrate the vital Pleasure Principles into all that we do at The Well Project. Onward toward pleasure for all!

Centering Sex, Pleasure, and Women: Recaps from the 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit

Sign at 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit that reads "Sex is Natural, Sex is Fun".The agenda for the 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April promised a gathering that would "focus on consensual sex in all of its iterations." The Well Project community advisory board chair Marissa Gonzalez attended the summit; as you will learn from her session summaries, the event did not disappoint!

Kimberly Canady-Griffith and logos for event and The Well Project.Sex, Pleasure, and Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable: A Recap from the International Workshop on HIV & Women 2023

Just like participating in sexual activity, the more you engage, the more you also learn what is best for you and your partner. This applies the same when having a conversation with your provider or your patient.

The Well Project at the US Conference on HIV/AIDS 2022

Several attendees and presenters shared their perspectives on The Well Project's funny, vulnerable, extremely popular USCHA 2022 session titled "Let's Talk About...Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women with HIV," which featured Black women across the gender spectrum speaking to their experiences navigating sex, pleasure, and self-regard while living with HIV.

The Well Project at the National Reproductive Justice Conference: Let's Talk About Sex! 2022

Kimberly Canady and Olivia G. Ford.Our conference session featured a frank, participatory discussion covering key topics, developments, and personal storytelling at the intersections of reproductive justice and HIV – and highlighting the need for optimized HIV prevention and care to incorporate appropriate, relevant, and holistic sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Read the full write-up of the session and Kim Canady’s blog from the conference

Wellness Fact Sheets

Profiles of women.Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, Justice, Pleasure, and HIV

Many complex factors affect women’s health and lives beyond HIV. Racism, sexism, poverty, violence, and other injustices have an impact on overall wellbeing – including being able to access healthcare and enjoy full sexual and reproductive lives. Learn about reproductive health, rights, and justice; the importance of centering pleasure; and why these areas must be connected with HIV-related care.

Two people's feet poking out from under sheetsGetting Your Sexy On!!

Does HIV make it hard for you to feel sexy or be intimate? You are not alone! Many women living with HIV struggle in one way or another with intimacy after being diagnosed. Get some tips about how to boost your sex-esteem and put the pleasure back in sex!

Health care provider and patient talking.Abortion and HIV

Abortion is a normal part of healthcare. Learn more about this safe, common, important procedure that is highly restricted in many parts of the world.


United States capitol building with a pink-purple sky. Abortion Laws and HIV in the US

Learn more about restrictions surrounding abortion and people's rights to make decisions about their own bodies.


Cannabis/marijuana plant and small glass bottle of oil with dropper.Cannabis, HIV, and Your Health

Cannabis has many health benefits, including for people living with HIV. Learn about types of cannabis, its medicinal uses and HIV drug interactions, and ways it can be consumed.                                                                                                                     

Woman opening a jar of legal marijuana (cannabis/weed).Cannabis, Health, and the Law in the US

Cannabis has medicinal properties that can benefit people living with HIV, but its legality varies by location. Learn more about laws governing medical and adult-use cannabis in the US.


Webinars and Presentations

HIV, Women, & Sexual Pleasure: A Girl Like Me LIVE

A Girl Like Me LIVE creator/host Ciarra "Ci Ci" Covin is joined by community advisory board member and pleasure guru Kim Canady in an interactive, candid conversation about sexual pleasure in the lives of women living with HIV.



Birth and Postpartum Support and HIV / El apoyo al parto y al posparto y el VIH

An illuminating conversation about the benefits of doula support for Black women and other birthing parents living with HIV. / Una conversación esclarecedora sobre los beneficios del apoyo de doula para las mujeres negras y otros padres que dan a luz que viven con el VIH.

Women Living, Learning, and Working with HIV

This bilingual session (video audio in English) featured a panel of women living with HIV highlighting their experiences related to work and education – including challenges they faced, strategies they used, and unmet needs they revealed.

Download the slides

Provider Resources

Details from "Let's Talk About Sex" poster.Let's Talk About Sex: Facilitating Engagement About Sex and Pleasure Between Providers and Women Living with HIV

This conference poster asserted the need to acknowledge and address the full lives of women living with HIV and positively position sex in non-judgmental, proactive discussions with providers.

Read "Sex, Pleasure, and Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable: A Recap from the International Workshop on HIV & Women 2023"


Education for Primary Care Providers on HIV and Reproductive Health

Cell phone with text: "Contraceptive Pearls: Preconception Counseling for People Living with HIV."The Well Project was proud to collaborate with partner organization Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) on the following three HIV-specific articles for their "Contraceptive Pearls" series. RHAP – a leader in expanding access to abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss care – delivers these brief, evidence-based monthly "Pearls" to thousands of frontline healthcare providers to inform their practice.

Partner Highlights

Maintaining connections with mission-aligned organizations is a key aspect of The Well Project's work. Learn more about groups with which we have engaged as partners whose work shares values and goals with the SHE/HER/THEY program.

Black Women's Learning Institute

The Black Women's Learning Institute (BWLI) is a national center focused on the health and wellness needs of Black women across the lifespan.

Life and Love with HIV

Life and Love with HIV is a blog and online community dedicated to de-stigmatizing sexuality and relationships among women, partners, and couples living with HIV by shifting the focus from risk to pleasure.

Reproductive Health Access Project

The Reproductive Health Access Project works across the US to mobilize, train, and support primary care clinicians to make reproductive health care accessible to everyone.

SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

SisterSong is a Southern based, national membership organization; our purpose is to build an effective network of individuals and organizations to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.

The Afiya Center

The Afiya Center was established in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences worldwide and the extraordinary prevalence of HIV among Black women and girls in Texas.

The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to eroticize safer sex.

SHE/HER/THEY en español

Thanks in part to the SHE/HER/THEY program, The Well Project has built upon our Spanish-language offerings, including:

  • Increasing translation of existing materials
  • Launching new fact sheets and outreach pamphlets in English and Spanish
  • Offering Spanish interpretation at more of our recorded virtual events
  • Releasing a monthly Spanish-language newsletter

Follow this link for all SHE/HER/THEY program materials that are available in Spanish!

More on:

Sexual Health and Pleasure
Reproductive Options
Mental Health

SHE/HER/THEY has received initial grant funding from Gilead Sciences (Zeroing In) and Merck.


Undetectable Equal Untransmutable is a flag to rise in Namibia

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Young Women   Living With HIV in Namibia are under respresented in all sector of goverment and 80% of this Young Women don't recieve any goverment support that can eliviate the their lives for a stronger health living life style. As Young Transgender Women living with HIV for morethan fives years , i have been convicted by fear of not living  undedecteble health life as i have stoped to attend  ART follow up and its has been a a half of a year not taking my medication as a result of Transgender stigmat in government health care in Namibia.

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