Oklahoma City
United States

Monique D. Howell-Moree was born in Oklahoma City, OK in April, 1981. She is a 1999 graduate of Summerville High School, and after graduation Monique enlisted in the United States Army. As a member of the U.S. military Monique worked as an Administrative Clerk assisting fellow soldiers to ensure that their personnel files were maintained accurately and were always up to date. She completed four years of military service and during these four years, she travelled all over the world. During the cycle of her life, Monique has had many experiences that have made a dramatic impact on her life today. During a low point in her life, she faced an experience that forever changed her life - finding out that she was HIV positive. As a result, Monique had to learn how to gain the strength from God that was necessary for her to walk out of the valley and climb back to the mountaintop. She relied on God to take the pain away, and she began to work in the church that her father, Bishop Howell, founded, Solid Rock Outreach Ministry.

Monique is an author, with her first book titled "Living inside My Skin of Silence” released late in August, 2010. This book is a leadership and self-reflection testimony. Her story is moving beyond her local community, and is now reaching out to the nation. Monique is also the Founder and CEO of Monique's Hope for Cure Outreach Services in Holly Hill, SC, where her organization provides assistance, including food, clothing, counseling services, referral services, HIV/AIDS & STD testing, as well as providing outreach, health education and promotion services to individuals to help stop the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.

The mandate on Monique's life reaches beyond her home and her church, and she is often called on to serve the community with national recognition and public speaking on many diplomatic platforms. She is a local HIV advocate, where she educates people in the community about HIV/AIDS and decriminalization. Her goal is to break the stigma and educate people about HIV/AIDS. Monique's lifestyle and way of doing business proves how grateful to the Lord she is for her success and all that God has bestowed upon her.

Monique has a wonderful husband whom she recently married and three boys. Her favorite saying is "You have to first love yourself". This task was difficult for her but she learned once she began to love herself, the doors began to open wide. It was then she was energized with passion above all and is proving that it is possible to overcome and conquer any disparity. Monique Moree has accomplished many astonishing things such as speaking twice on Capitol Hill, and being flown all over the country to speak at colleges, schools, conferences, and churches. She has now completed the filming of four films while also being presented with two honor awards, one from a Domestic Abuse Foundation and another from the City Council in the city of her home, Summerville, SC.

Monique has hope for anyone with any type of disparity and most of all she shares the leadership and the passion, energy, and fortitude to see an end to AIDS through her driving force behind the Outreach, Public Speaking, Health Education, Food, and Clothing services.