You know I always say I want to do so much more!!! Don't we all say that? We get excited about what we want to accomplish then somehow we get comfortable and not do it!!! That's me at times!!! I'm sitting here thinking like "Wow there is so much I want to do". So much work as an advocate can be accomplished if we just have a determined and made up mind. A lot of times our goals and dreams are stopped because we be PEOPLE PLEASERS. Yes, you read that correct. Worried about what others think or say. I have been down that path a lot. I'm learning in life that when people have something to say about your dreams and goals a lot of the time it's "jealousy". What have you allowed to stop you from achieving that one goal you always dreamed of?

This year let's all write what we want to accomplish and DO IT!! You must first Plan, planning is everything. Plan and write down your short term goals and your long term goals. Write down how you plan on fulfilling your goal. If you don't have the funds to do it just yet still DON'T stop. Continue to do more planning and always use your available resources. Let people who are like minded help you. Don't allow then to take over, but to help. I believe in each of you. You can do it!! Have FAITH, have confidence within yourself and believe within yourself!! Never say you can't do something if you first don't even try!!

Write the vision and make it plain!!! You got this one!!




I agree...

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This is so me...here are two things that I have been planning on doing...Photography. Yes, I love taking photos. I love how I can capture a moment a look a feeling. I want to write a book...not just any kind of book but a book to inspire to encourage the reader. Thank you!
Best J


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