Sometimes You Just Have To

Submitted on Dec 4, 2015 by  Destiny123

Have you ever just wanted to take a break? Being an advocate, our work can become very overwhelming and lonely and our brains are in overdrive. This year I decided to take a break because I was drained. I was pouring so much of myself out but wasn't receiving anything within…like a peace of mind. Advocacy work can be fun, exciting, rewarding and most of all empowering! I enjoy helping getting the message out. My kids always say I'm "saving the world," and it is a wonderful feeling to know that we can work together to make a difference in the lives of others. Everyone's work is different from one another's, but it all works hand in hand! I enjoy reading all my amazing sisters and brothers out here raising the roof and not afraid to take a stand!!! We just have to, we must!! If we don't do it, who will??? We sometimes just have to!!! Have to just speak when need be!! Society wants us to live in silence and not say anything, but those of us who are not afraid to take a stand and speak up must be there for those who don't have a voice

On World AIDS Day I just had to allow my voice to be heard. I wanted to give a message to share with others that the stigma is still out here and we must not be afraid to take a stand and speak up on what is really happening!! We shouldn't be afraid of who we are. We sometimes just have to put our differences of opinions to the side and come together to help make a difference in everything surrounding HIV/AIDS and the epidemic. This is no competition, even though some make it to be, but we should push one another to move forward.

I am ready for all that 2016 has in store. When I spoke on my video after a long year of relaxing it made me realize that sometimes we just have to speak up!! Somebody is holding on because of you and we as advocates have to be strong and complete the mission.

Most importantly self care is a must. Definitely take care of self, because this work can cause you to get out of whack. We are here for each other, let's embrace one another,  push one another and lift each other up…we have to!!!

Monique Howell-Moree

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