1,082 Days Ago

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be on this day at this time. True or false? I’ve been through exactly what was written in my story. True or false? That day, 1,082 days to be exact, I got the exact news I was supposed to get that day. True or false? I had to be there exactly at that time on that day so I could go through what I went through that first year. So I could find myself again that second year. So I could grow this third year. So for the rest of my years I can live out my life exactly how my story was written. I’m forever changed, because in 2017 I got to meet HIV. Believe me when I say all good learning came from that meet up 1,082 days ago. I’m so glad I made it through to see the outcome of that meet up 1,082 days ago.



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