Thank You

Submitted on Nov 22, 2021 by  Destiny Smith

For years I accepted my status but still I blamed you and never really forgave. As much as I thought I did forgive by accepting my status, it showed in my actions and my thoughts how I really felt.

Although I never forgave you for this, I do thank you for making me stronger. I thank you for showing me that I matter. Thank you for showing me that I don't have to settle for less. I mean yes, it took you passing me HIV, and yes, it took me getting that positive result to open my eyes. But because of that status, I have grown so much.

Although you died without apologizing or even acknowledging that it happened, I thank you for waking me up. For so long I was always making quick and bad decisions and going down the wrong paths. I mean if you could see me now - thinking before I take action, publishing books, blogging about my feelings, sharing my personal story with others, actually going for the things in life that I want and know that I deserve, not holding my tongue to make someone else's feelings more important than mine. I mean, yes, I still have more ways to grow, but it all started with you. So again I Thank You.


Submitted by Kingstongranny

My sista friend thank you so much for this as i read it i said Dawn this is you ! Ive never forgiven (MY HIM) either & he died also. It has made me make lots mistakes in my life but it also saved me from myself! so thank you for making me rethink my grudge ive held onto for 15 years thank you for being who you are. I know i dont know you personally but when i read this i felt a connection to you . I too use my voice and am a advocate in my community. I pray you continue to have blessing after blessing in your life 

Submitted by Marig2016

Often times people don't realize when we forgive someone or thank someone who has done wrong to us, those actions are for us NOT them because they help us grow in a way that is unimaginable to many. I commend you on being courageous and taking the steps to be a better version of you! Xoxo

Submitted by Destiny Smith

thank you so much love. through the years i have learned most forgiveness i am giving out is not for the other person but for me i have to stop allowing situaions that mean me no good to live within my energy.

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