Filling My Cup

Submitted on Jul 31, 2023 by  Destiny Smith

Where to start? Well blogging world, it's been awhile - not since I've written a blog, but actually publishing said blog. If you could see my notes in my phone, I have over five blogs started and not finished. I've been having a time with writer's block and time management.

The last year and half has been so great to me in all aspects of my life and I think because I've felt so at peace for the first time since my diagnosis, I've gotten comfortable. Some days my cup is completely full and I can go for days at a time before it catches up with me. Other times my cup is completely empty but I don't stop and give myself the grace to fill back up. I'm always very outspoken when I'm helping others to let them know they can't pour into others if their cup isn't full, so I promote support, self-care, etc. Though when it comes to myself I lack so much. Why is it that we do that? Why were we taught to keep going no matter what, to be the strongest in the room or whatever, like it's not okay to take a break for myself? I have so much going on and I'm so appreciative for all that I have been blessed with. Now I'm just working on self discipline and organization so nothing is missed.

The good thing about being taught something is you are also able to unlearn those things and do what's best for you. I've been on a journey since I've been diagnosed. I also know for a fact I'm the one from my family that is going to end those generational curses and begin all those generational blessings and I think that's why I go so hard.

This blog is a bit everywhere but that's okay. I kind of just want to get something out there so I can get back into the groove. So now I'm doing this thing where everything gets added to my calendar and I'm going to start using multiple alarms again. Also, if you have any suggestions that will help me, let me know down below.


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Submitted by EnoughIsEnough

I think where you are depends a great deal on where you were before your diagnosis and what information & support was available to you at that time. That event is as unique as each of us is. Because no matter how 'together' you thought you had your sh*t, when that diagnosis hits your brain, your cups are everywhere like Solos in the a.m. of a house party.
You're frozen. You're terrified. You're alone and lost. You have no one, no guide & no point of reference.
It's surreal and like it or not, sometimes you're going to relive it.
But what made the difference? How did you get here?
You looked down and in your hands you had the one cup that still had some of the hope or faith or determination or whatever it was that is the reason why you are here today.
Your cup doesn't always have to be full... you just have to never let go of it.

Submitted by Red40something

@enoughisenough We all follow a  different path and journey. I like the solo cup refence. Its relatable. I always try to remind myself that things have to be empty to get full. Or refilled! <3

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