#AIDSWatch 2018

Where do I start? AIDSWatch, as many know, is a very important conference where us activists gather and advocate for our states. We visit Capitol Hill and fight and demand what we need and plead with congress and senate about our human rights, sharing our personal stories.

I didn’t have a very good experience my first time, but this time it was very well organized and I didn't get lost! lol Capitol Hill is huge! It is crucial for us to attend this conference especially in this era with Trump!! We have to continue putting pressure because we are scared for our lives! I believe that this administration is trying to kill us because we are living longer. I have to live one day at a time, but it worries me sick to know that I am seeing with my own eyes all the terrible effects this administration is having on people living with the human condition of HIV! They see us as a burden to the system! People are losing their Medicaid and disability!! Many long-term survivors have many needs and they are tired and fatigued and have no strength to fight. I myself am a 30-year long-term survivor and I am depleted at this moment and need to recharge to continue to fight the good fight.

It was a beautiful thing to see us all united with no EGOS!! I have been saying it for a while--we are all that we have...if we continue to be divided we will fall and they will win! We have come too far to let this happen. Join us the next time because we need all of you! Go to your representatives’ offices wherever you live! I am a moderate Democrat leaning to the left, but I believe in diplomacy and dialogue "unless it is with Trump" who does not give a flying fuck about humanity. All I hope for is a good quality of life to continue to fight this very hard fight and to have a support system when I am at my weakest! Sometimes activists and advocates help everyone and forget about themselves. I will practice what I preach and I will be more loving towards myself! I go on and on and on...I need to take a mental break and then get refreshed and continue on! I will die standing up! I refuse to lay down and die.

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AIDSWatch 2018

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Wow….Maria great job and  thank you so much for standing out and giving the voiceless a big voice at the Capitol Hill.

Also thank you let keep fighting and surely we will and shall overcome.


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