Honoring Our Ancestors

Submitted on Jan 17, 2020 by  HoneysPlace2

(July 22, 2019, I was honored and privileged to be one of six volunteers needed internationally for a long-term non-progressor lymph node study. Please read... and thank you.)

Early childhood, I dreamed of being a nurse... helping people and animals in need. I thought I could nurture them all back to good health and well being. Passionately, I wanted to fix broken, wounded, living things. From my heart and very soul... I've always overwhelmingly just wanted to help. As I aged, I thought it was just a crazy Pisces thing or an only child syndrome of wanting to connect. Learning how to control the impulses to rescue and save was only learned through heartbreak, disappointment, and death. Ooooo and death... aches my heart and takes my breath away... Literally. Being a sensitive, an empath, is also clearly defined NOW. This is why...

I could not be a medical doctor nor a nurse. My God-given purpose has nothing to do with "Sandi" and my knowledge and skillset acquired thru time.

My body and brain have withstood the sixty-something years of "Living" far, far from perfection. In truth, in transparency... With full accountability of all of my actions and deeds, I've made my peace with God and he has shown me Grace and Mercy BEYOND!

Growing older, I've learned not to allow anything or anyone to unconsciously drain my energies. Negativity and stinking thinking are not good for my continued good health and well being.

Genuinely Loving Caring and Kindness comes Naturally. Life gave me a sharp tongue and fierce warrior-like defense system to protect mine and myself.

Today, clearly living in and on "My Purpose" ...

With great humility...

Honor to my Ancestors. Because of their biological and genetic chemistry, "I" live with a rare natural immunity to HIV and other diseases. This physical body that contains "Spirit" is able to provide some urgently needed answers to medical research scientists internationally, most importantly, offerings of hope for generations to come. Wow...

That's God!

And his doings.

Glory be to God for all things.

It is my privilege, obligation, and duty to serve where the need is greatest.

Today I underwent voluntary lymph node biopsy.

I am naturally able to control the HIV virus without the use ever of antiviral medications in the past 30 years. Usually large blood draws are taken from me but the lymphocytes are in tissues such as lymph nodes where cells often fight infections. Scientists would like to see if the number and function of lymphocytes and other immune cells in my lymph nodes are different from those in my peripheral blood.

Humbled, blessed and grateful beyond.

#Feeling Satisfied and in my need to "Do" more for today.
#Making a meaningful difference !!!
#Helping and Naturally Healing... Next Level!!!
#Hope for Vaccines and even a Cure!!!
#Everything is Possible!!!
#Feeling Worthy
#Empowered to Do more!!!
#NOT Done yet!!!

After this donation and contribution to science...
I will focus on the completion and publication of...
"An Ordinary Woman Living an Extraordinary Life"
by Sandra Harrigan-Thompson
(just the last 30 years: 1989-2019)

The best part of the visit was being escorted by my grandson Zaire! In addition, I am so very grateful to be able to have him examined and tested from head to toe. What a blessing to have to the latest state of the art technology and equipment used with rapid accurate results. Zaire was also tested to determine if he has also inherited the same immune system as myself. If so, his immune system has unique killer CDs 8's ... B57 genes. It won't be long before we receive those results.

Honoring Our Ancestors.


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