I defeated HIV!

Submitted on Dec 11, 2012 by  soniaroy79

Why is HIV/AIDS considered one of the most dreaded infections that exist?

Not only other people fear us, but we begin fearing ourselves-- What if we spread this disease to somebody else? We would probably never forgive ourselves. Is the virus so powerful that we cannot defeat it?

I don't think so. We can defeat it.

What are the things I cannot do - I can't have unprotected sex, I can't share my blood, I can't live in certain countries, I can't breastfeed... there may be a list- big deal, but bigger than any of these is the fact that I CAN have a baby that is HIV negative.

My 4 month old daughter's test results came yesterday. She is HIV negative.

I clearly remember the pain I felt on the day I discovered I was positive. But the joy I feel today is a hundred times stronger than that pain.

While even a small drop of my blood is enough to infect several other human beings, one little life that survived on this very blood managed to emerge without being infected. I have defeated HIV.

A salute to all the HIV (super) positive mums, and a thumbs up to all the ladies who dream of becoming mothers. Please do not give up on your dream. It is the most beautiful feeling ever. You, too, can defeat HIV.

Warm regards,


Submitted by Kristi2020

What a wonderful post! It makes me happy in this time of great sadness in America. I was so happy to read this as I woke up todayl


Submitted by soniaroy79

Thank you thank you thank to God, The Well project and all you ladies for being my strength.
My heart goes out to the families and friends of those affected by the recent tragedy in America.

Submitted by barelycoping

This is quite inspiring. A topic close to my heart. I'm happy for you and your daughter. Take care of that bundle of joy.


Submitted by jae001


Submitted by ellejay

Brilliant Sonia. Thanks for sharing your joy. x

Submitted by kmartel

Having been in contact with Sonia only weeks after her diagnosis, and knowing how much she wanted to have a child (but thought she couldn't after HIV), we are SO happy about this news and hope it inspires others to follow their dreams.

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