Submitted on Dec 1, 2011 by  soniaroy79

I would have never imagined the 1st of Dec would mean anything more to me than a cousin's birthday, for which I would put a reminder on my phone and wish her when the time came. But today it means much more. Although my CD4 counts are dwindling, each time I go back to my doctor I have a glow on my face, I have put on a couple of healthy pounds and and smiling brighter than I did the last time I visited him.

The last one year has been a journey of self awareness and respect for myself and many other women. When I found out I was positive, like anybody else, my world came crashing down on me...I thought I would never smile, but now I am smiling more than I ever did. I started exercising, stopped smoking, controlled my alcohol intake, gave special attention to eating healthy and drinking water, got back to working and I feel wonderful. Last month, after I got a go ahead from my doc, we went in for my 3rd IUI from a donor. Keeping my fingers crossed but I know I will keep trying.

Special thanks to the man who stood by me, my husband, The Well Project for being the friend who has made all the difference and to the women out there for their unconditional love, support and encouragement. God bless you all :)



Submitted by celina5000

Dear Soniaroy; thank you for sharing your day. What goes around comes around! Gisele

Submitted by Kristi2020

Thanks for sharing, thanks for being uplifting today-and I celebrate with you. I feel great today knowing more than ever we are all working hard to make the world a better place for AIDS awareness, support, preventing and a CURE! Hugs.


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