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Submitted on Apr 27, 2019 by  Lynette Trawick


There was a time when I didn't want to accept the things that God told me were in my future. I didn't want to do social services. I didn't want to do case management. I didn't want to help anyone through their problems because I had enough of my own. And I DEFINITELY didn't want to talk about my HIV.

But after years of shaking, beating, and pressing, I realized that if I continued to fight God, it would only make life harder. I had to learn to trust (and really trust...not just say it because I was supposed to) God fully. I had to understand that He has always had His hands on me. He's been helping to guide me all along and I was just too stubborn to realize it.

Now, I'm all in. Now I'm more than ready to carry out God's work. I walk unafraid. I speak with power because I've earned it. And I'm willing to go wherever He needs me to go to reach His people.


Lynette Trawick is a Philadelphia native, a Christian, a wife and a mother of 11. She is a Kingdom Entrepreneur with a deep passion and desire to serve her community in many different aspects, especially in the growth of our youth. She volunteers her time building youth ministries in the areas of worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach, while serving as a spiritual leader and role model. She has a large heart, full of love that she wants to give.

Why Lynette wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I’ve always wanted be a writer but struggled to get my thoughts out. In 2016, I finally decided it was time to begin my journey as an author. I began writing my first memoir (which is still in process) and fell in love with writing as it was very therapeutic. As an A Girl Like Me blogger, I can continue to not just release for myself but also help others release the idea that they are alone in their HIV journey.

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