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Tiommi Jenae (formerly Tommy) Luckett is a transgender woman of color living with HIV since September 2012. Luckett began advocating in February 2014 by speaking at the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Luckett went on to AIDS Watch 2014 where she spoke with her members of Congress about HIV/AIDS and the fundamental need to keep resources available. Luckett is a member of the Positive Women's Network-USA, a National Advisory Board Member of Positively Trans, a Steering Committee Member of the US PLHIV Caucus, board member of the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition (ArTEC), and a quality health advisor to the Arkansas Department of Health.

Why Tiommi wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me: I see A Girl Like Me as unifying the community of the cisgender women and transgender women alike. I know that I would be honored to blog for such a reputable organization because you see that I have a voice as well. This gives me a platform greater than I've ever seen. I have the opportunity to touch the lives of the trans woman who is about to give up because it seems all hope is lost. I can speak to the woman who is in love because I am also. I enjoy sharing my experiences on the many conferences I have attended and will attend. Information is power and I am constantly receiving information on HIV.



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