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"Why do you make such a publicity stunt of yourself?", chided one person. "Why can't you just be happy, shut up and enjoy your marital bliss? After all you have got a loving home and a loving family. What more do you want?"

And recently on Facebook by a person, this is what he commented under my post (surprisingly so, because he work for HIV cause) - "Miss Jyoti Dhawale, the point is that you only want people praising you and your writing. You have a fan club who believe in this story, good for you and good for the club".

I know I don't have to be answerable and let my 'work' do the talking but still, I would like to make a clarification - I do what I do, not to attract fame or attention...it automatically comes when your work is "recognised", you don't "ask" for it. There is a saying "Only the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinch the most". Which means: It is hard to know how much someone else is suffering. Having said that, I know how it feels to live as a person living with HIV, and with my sufferings and experience I can walk many miles in other person's shoes. Thus, I show my face so that one doesn't have to be ashamed. There is #NoShameInBeingHIVPositive. #Stigma is there because of #Ignorance and it is every person's duty to talk about every illness to #educate and #empower. So, here I am, in #SocialMedia and #MainstreamMedia telling my story, sharing my experience as well as asking others to come out of their closets and share their stories as well as their experience and help change the society's mindset and to inspire, motivate those who are suffering from depression because of HIV. Someone's life could be saved. You can save one's life. Or many. You may never know. Thus, what I am doing is not for any profit or gain, but to save a life, to rebuild other's lives in return for the beautiful life that I call mine. Yes, I have got a lovable husband. Yes, I have got a lovely family. Yes, I have all the love and support that I need. So why should I be so selfish and keep quiet and enjoy all that is given to me and see other's home being broken just because of mere illness that can be kept under control through proper care and medication? CARING IS SHARING. WHEN YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, SHARE IT. DISTRIBUTE THE LOVE, SHOW THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...IN TIME OF LOVE AND HIV WE NEED TO STOP SUICIDES. The "virus" doesn't control us, "we" control the virus!! Don't let the HIV win!! UNTIL THERE IS A CURE!!!!!!!



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