Submitted on Nov 3, 2018 by  Vicky Huerta

When I finally understood that HIV is not an infectious contagious disease, I understood that I don't have to self-discriminate, I stopped seeing myself as a ticking timebomb, and began to befriend a virus that, thanks to medication and treatment, I'll be able to keep dormant; I'll be able to transmit so many things, except HIV. I'll be able to transmit my LHIVED experience, transmit my fight to help so many women that, like me, one day at the beginning of their diagnosis, felt it hard to keep living!!!

Many won't be able to tell their story to help us be stronger, but those who survived, like María Mejía, those just came, and those who will come – according to statistics, due to lack of information – will have other thoughts: as strong women, we have to come together to end the social stigma that we women with HIV live with.

It all depends on us and on how we move forward with this new human condition, don't let it keep us from LHIVING a normal life, just like any other woman would, let's never hang our heads and never drop our fists!!



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Submitted by boseolotu

Thank you so much for sharing, it is motivating yes it is truly.
There are some women who I used to care for and today they are no more most time I just wish there are things I could or should have done to help them back then.
But the list I could do was to single handed dress their dead bodies because no family member want to even touch their corpse.
This and many more experience were driving me to a state of depression and heartbreak.
So my dearest been a family of The Well Project gave me more strength and courage to even want to do more for other women living with HIV in my community who are not on any social media or been in four wall of classroom.
I truly salute you.
Let keep up the great work it begins with us because we are survivals.

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