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Submitted on Jan 28, 2010 by  sharonm10

A month into my marriage I discovered that  I was 10 weeks pregnant and HIV positive.  My husband of one month tested negative.  I was shattered.  Why me? I have always been a good girl. The doctor tried to explain this medical mystery but it did not register.   In my mind, no black, South African Zulu male was going to stay with an HIV positive woman, especially when he is not.  The day I gave birth, I looked at him and said, this is your last chance...walk away now.  Five years later he is still by my side and we have a very healthy little man.  On that fateful day in 2004 when I discovered my status, I started to look down at me... noone else did, but me.  I somehow thought I was not worthy, I was ashamed of me.  It took me five years but now I know for sure I need to change my ways. I have allowed the stigma to dictate my life.  For the past five years I have been scared of living, being too happy, fearing when the illness is going to strike me down.  No more fear, world here I come and you better be ready for me.

More about Mano...I am a 29 year old yummy mummy from South Africa Durban with three boys: one five year old, a 19 year old (stepson) and my husband.  I have been married for five years.  I have a degree in Food technology and work full time fas a Food Technologist for an FMCG company in SA.  I am also studying towards a project management diploma part time.  I love my family, I love life.

Mano on why she wanted to be a part of A Girl Like Me: After five years of being diagnosed I am only now slowly coming into terms with my status.  It has taken me five years to truly know that I am strong and I will conquer.

Submitted by simone

Wow..first time posting, I am based in Zambia and am turning 30 years old tomorrow, yeah!! I tested positive in 2004.....anyway, am so thankful to my daughter who gives me all the strength to live my life and above all God for loving me so much anyday! my last visit to the Doc suggests that i will be starting treatment scared..i actually thought id get used to the idea by now but am suprised that am this unprepared.

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