I lost my best friend to Cervical Cancer this week. After 4 years of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and beating it. The Cancer moved to her brain and/or brain stem, and she was sent home to die in hospice. Basically she was starved to death, because if she had been fed via IV, it would have only prolonged the inevitable. We worked together, had babies together, and laughed like 'no one else I ever met' together. She was known as a stick of Dynamite, and I called her Nitro Glycerin! She fought a long and difficult battle, that I don't think I could have, myself. I regret not making her eat better. I bought her a juicer, and I disclosed my status to her and her husband, in an effort to tell them " if I can stay well with nutrition, maybe you can stay well, too". But you can't force a person to drink carrot juice and eat raw garlic on everything it will go on. Especially if they like Kentucky Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes as a staple food. There are so many worse diseases than HIV. I miss sex, I miss intimacy, I want to go out and be a one night stand! But that's how this happened to me. So now is the time for self control. It's not a death sentence anymore, so don't be depressed and don't hate yourself. Tragedy is everywhere, death and sadness...that others can't do anything about! But we can do something about our diagnosis, and I need your help to know if I am just a lucky freak of nature, or if nutrition really helps. I think nutrition REALLY helps. I know stress makes us worse. I cried alot this last week, for my friend and her kids...her husband that sat at her side every moment...trying to comfort her and send her off at peace. I am crying now, for her....not for me. Because I hope she is ok, and I am going to miss the way we laughed together. All the crying and stress/sadness/anxiety has left me EXHAUSTED! That's the biggest symptom I have...excessively tired out, easily. WE all have a choice! Our dilemma is not a Cancer, or brain's just a bump in the road of life. I think that we can help ourselves by eating healthy. Living happy. And Loving Ourselves! Some people say Cancer can be beaten by a healthy diet, so maybe we can prevent something much worse from happening to us, by improving our nutrition. I have always marveled at the simplicity of good health. The "you are what you eat" motto. Good health isn't in a vitamin, for us, it's FOOD! If you hate vegetables, find a supplement that is made from concentrated food sources. Not a chemical compound made in a science lab. Juices and juicers are wonderful ways of getting concentrated nutrition in tasty forms.
Best Wishes, and Good Health, Linda



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