When Ignorance Talks, Intelligence Silences

For that ignorant woman who is positive according to her, who is not updated on stigmatizing language and wrote to Li about me… First of all, if you are going to write about me, write me! Second... HIV is not contagious!!! And you do not have to write my partner that you are HIV positive and ask my partner why is he sleeping with me without protection!!!! I NEVER TOLD ANYONE THAT! WHAT I DO IN MY PRIVATE LIFE AND IN MY BEDROOM is my business! That is not your problem or anyone else's! The ignorance and disrespect, questioning my partner why don't we use protection was very disrespectful and an invasion of our privacy. I'm glad my partner stopped you in your tracks!! This also serves those that assume and do not even know what they have! They only judge without knowing! They do not know what PrEP is, or treatment as prevention! Or the most important science and information that soon will be world standard! IF A PERSON HAS HIV AND TAKES MEDICINE AND IS UNDETECTABLE FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS YOU CANNOT TRANSMIT THE HIV VIRUS! Even without condoms!!!! Use condoms to prevent other STIs and other tools you want! It is your choice what you do in your intimate life! So girl... if you have something to say, tell it to me and stop questioning my husband who is super-private! Educate yourself and stop being nosey and above all spreading stigma! What a shame that you have HIV and questioned my partner of 10 years why he was intimate with me! This goes for everything and everyone who has so many doubts! There goes your clear answer and stop so much ignorance and lack of education! #mariamejia #stopstigma

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