Where There Is Hope, There Is Change

Submitted on May 5, 2017 by  The Well Project

While many four letter words come to mind regarding yesterday's House vote to pass the American Health Care Act (labeled by some as an "act of monstrous cruelty"), the one we need to keep at the forefront is HOPE. In our community, we've seen the transformative change that hope can bring—helping people feel less alone and less self-stigma, and empowering people to better advocate for themselves and others. Where there is hope, there is change. We, at The Well Project, have established an amazing support community where people lift each other up by sharing their stories, educating themselves and others, and becoming empowered advocates. We have also established partnerships with like-minded organizations who are working to channel our collective rejection of policies that negatively affect our communities into concrete action steps. Now, more than ever, we need to be a united front. Ours is a community of fighters and survivors, and the more we coordinate and work together, the sooner change will come.

If you are interested in taking action, please make sure you subscribe to email alerts from our partners PWN-USA and AIDS United to stay updated on how you can make your voice heard. In addition, there are many other good resources to follow, including this resource library "We lost a battle, here's how we win the war" from Indivisible Guide.

We'll continue to share relevant information on how you can advocate. In the meantime, take a deep breath, reach out to someone in our online community that inspires you, and stay hopeful. As a friend wrote yesterday, “Spreading love and building community are two powerful ways to resist.” #HOPE #LetsDoThis #HIVResists #ProtectOurCare

---Yours in the resistance, Krista Martel, Executive Director

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