A Whole New Meaning

Submitted on May 20, 2024 by  Marig2016

It's so crazy how HIV really sometimes is the last thing I think about … so much so that a new journey I'll be embarking on (blog post coming soon) I didn't even realize, is starting on my diagnosis date! WILD 🤯

When I was diagnosed on May 23 in 2016, I was diagnosed via my OBGYN provider and I'm blessed to say that we still keep in touch and we actually were just speaking (5/19) when it dawned on me that wow, 5/23 will be here before I know it. Then boom, the thoughts of my new journey came to mind.

I was talking with another friend and shared this and man, can I just say I'm grateful for perspective. Many may be able to relate that diagnosis day is rarely filled with happy memories. As time goes on, we cope and come to terms with our diagnosis and live out our bad ass lives, but there's still always that reminder. Whether it's a pill a day, lab work, societal stigma or the diagnosis date itself.

My friend said, "That diagnosis started you on a new path and now this journey will do the same. Look at how amazing God is. What the enemy could have used to destroy you, God turned it for your good and is giving you a new joy to commemorate the date."

Grateful for love, friendship and support. I know I'm blessed beyond measure in that department and I don't take it lightly. I'll admit I wasn't sure what to think or how to feel when that realization came over me but then boom, this perspective just reminded me how far I've come and how much more life there is to go!

So remember, we have control over the meaning we give our diagnosis date and if it's one filled with unhappy memories and thoughts, do something to change the narrative 💖 because you matter and deserve to give yourself happiness and love.



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Submitted by KatieAdsila

Love you sis, and your energy, your perspective and your love that you have so much of for everyone. I love that perspective, I’ve never acknowledged my diagnosis date myself, I just wanted to forget that period of my life, that day particularly, but I have trouble with being pessimistic and negative about things, I know I can never forget it, as an advocate I talk about it often lol, and I guess that’s helped. You’re an amazing woman sis, thank you for being you 

Submitted by Marig2016

Katie Girl! Thanks so much sweetie! Yes definitely as advocates and sharing our stories forgetting things makes it hard but I’ve been thinking lately so I really need to share my story to advocate and re traumatizar myself each time I do so? Idk in learning advocacy can look like whatever I choose it to look like so do the same for you sis. Definitely no negativity you create your narrative, fill it with all the things that make you smile 💖

Submitted by HEROconnor

Love the moments where HIV isn't the first thing on our mind. We have big things to focus on! You're doing big things and you continue to inspire me. <3 Love you sis!

Submitted by boseolotu

Thank you for sharing sis, you are so right!

I use to think that HIV is the last and the worst thing that could happen to me, when I was diagnosed. 

But it is just the beginning of a new hope and challenges. 


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