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I am 30 years old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was diagnosed at the age of 20 with HIV; undetectable most of the 10 years. I contracted HIV in a heterosexual relationship during my junior year...
Submitted on Dec 21, 2018
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It is funny how one day you wake up and feel like everything has changed. You, the world around you, the people you know; everything. Looking out of the window to the door you once stepped out of...
Submitted on Dec 21, 2018
Kara Brett's picture
I'm a 44-year old single mom with, HIV, bipolar, and learning disabilities (ADHD and Dyslexia). I've started college for the first time. This is my journey in parenting, HIV, managing mental health,...
Submitted on Nov 4, 2018
Vicky Huerta's picture
Me llamo Vicky. Soy peruana pero actualmente vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy enfermera y madre de dos hijos, próximamente abuela a mis 34 años.
Submitted on Oct 4, 2018
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My name is Sian Green and I was diagnosed six years ago with HIV. I have two children who I love very unconditionally, and I am from New Orleans, LA. Becoming an HIV/AIDS activist was not second...
Submitted on Aug 28, 2018
MasoniaTraylor's picture
I felt so alone for so long. I mean it was only for about a year. I met this one lady at my first doctor's appointment and I still felt alone.
Submitted on May 28, 2018
tateladawn's picture
Hello, my name is LaDawn Tate. I am 36 years old and I would like to share my story about me being positive.
Submitted on Apr 25, 2018
KatieAdsila's picture
My name is Katie Adsila Willingham and I'm from a small, rural town in northwest Alabama called Tuscumbia. For all you history buffs out there, Tuscumbia is the birthplace of Helen Keller, and we're...
Submitted on Apr 16, 2018
MissB's picture
I remember like it was yesterday when I was first diagnosed. The date was May 03, 2010. I felt empty yet for some reason relieved. Confusing huh? I had went to the OBGYN for abnormal bleeding on...
Submitted on Jan 30, 2018
Prizila Pozitiva's picture
As a local Foster Youth, LGBTQIA, and HIV/AIDS activist, I continue to advocate for foster youth, both working with youth during the coming out process, and during the transitional age of 18-24,...
Submitted on Jan 10, 2018


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