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I'm a 28-year-old HIV-positive (since 6/6/16) female living in Natural Bridge, Virginia with my husband, my daughter, two dogs, and two cats. I am a trained modern dancer, an in-home ABA therapist for children, and I'm currently interested in redirecting my career path to become involved in HIV advocacy/outreach. Every day is an opportunity to grow and flourish. I'm here to learn.

Why Heather wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: Since receiving my diagnosis on June 16th, 2016, I have struggled with identifying as an HIV-positive female; the medication, the unknown long-term side effects of medication, the stigma. I have found that sharing my personal trials with those close to me resulted in reactions of sympathy and grief, which is valued... and I am thankful for any type of support- I could always use a hug and a good cry. However I've continued to long for interactions with a group of individuals who could truly empathize with me, who have lived the experiences I'm speaking of and could offer advice. Being part of the A Girl Like Me community gives me the opportunity to communicate with other HIV-positive women who "get it". It is a safe environment for women to share their stories and feel supported. A united community of women who have the ability to inspire change- that is why I'd like to be a part of A Girl Like Me.






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It is great to have you here with us.
I am looking forward to learn a lot from you.
Welcome again.
Sending you lots of love.


Thank you!

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So thankful to be here with you all. Thank you so much and sending so much love back!




Welcome to the family

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Welcome to the family and glad you are here. The Well Project has so many amazing women who definitely understanding the complexities of living with HIV. They also helped me learn to love myself and the world around me.



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