Age Of Diaries: Journaling For A Positive Life

Submitted on Jul 27, 2016 by  Stigma Warrior Princess

Life is a home work and I have a diary to prove it. Welcome to the Age of Diaries.

The biggest talk at the AIDS Conference 2016 is working towards building young leaders. Building young leaders could not have been possible if I did not engage in making me the leader of myself. So lost then with the Stigma of the virus I lived with, I had a lot of Life home work to do.

Building young leaders is something I had long been working towards. It began by the need to changing attitudes. The attitude that let me down. Attitude to my wellbeing, strength and resilience. So I came to learn that "Life is like home work."

The purpose in all this was the need to look at myself from the outside. To understand how others perceive my attitude in order to change how I perceive myself as a person and separating that from my status.

What I learnt after years of journaling my activities was I was being harsh on myself and therefore I felt others where being also harsh on me. Strange that not even one person knew I was HIV positive.

The more I read about myself I soon found the benefits of talking about myself and that writing about myself I was having a moment with me. Which became quite empowering. It was soon apparent that this was allowing me to tap into a positive frame of mind.

Diary entries allowed me to stop and think what being HIV really meant to me. If I should want a change, what is it that I would change. I soon found all those answers in my journals. The people I had met. The thing that scared me the most. What Living with the virus had done to me. Even my gorgeous children were in my journals. I had written events and how I feel about our lives.

It all became clear. One important part was I saw a light in what I disliked the most popping up nearly every other day. Why I was hiding. I came to experience benefits of ending the day, by not only talking about my day, but putting me in the center of a conversation that focused on me. And most importantly was to end each entry with a positive note. And came to realise I was being in charge of my life.

There is an open discussion in this topic. Age of Diaries journaling for a better positive living.

What it takes to be a leader… start by finding ways to be your own leader.

Submitted by HoneysPlace2

Thank you for your words of encouragement.  Wow!  That was Poweful.  In many ways I can identify with you.  Staying silent is Not as easy as one may think.  But the true joy of freely speeking your personal private truth ... Is Thrilling!!!  Bless you my sister. and thank You again for your message.



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