Aunty Lou's Hour: Exploring Judgment

Submitted on Jul 7, 2023 by  Aunty Lou's House

It took me a while to realise that the judgment I felt came from within. I understand that I can only take responsibility for how I feel and my emotions. I cannot take that responsibility for others.

We can judge ourselves in various ways. Before I became a yoga teacher I felt that I wasn't fit or flexible enough to be a teacher. I used to compare myself to others. Plus I had the teachings of a Catholic upbringing which made it challenging for me and I often had a sense of guilt, or not being "good" enough.

As I started to learn how to live well with HIV, I started to address the topic of judgment, shame, guilt, stigma and fear. I was a divorced Black woman with three children and I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself because of other people's opinions of me.

HIV inspired me to be free from that.




Submitted by Marig2016

I'm sad the video doesnt seem to be available any longer, but i thank you for sharing a piece of yourself! I would love to hear more about your yoga journey! Sending you and your babies love and light. 

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

I love to read your blogs and interact with you on ig! I can relate to the self-stigma I endured for the first years of my diagnosis and coming from an Ultra conservative catholic family! HIV set me free. How ironic



Hello Darling,


yes isnt it interesting that we both came from ultra conservative catholic familes! :)   The work you are doing is amazing, and inspiring to see how free you are. 

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