Being as Real as I Can

Yesterday I posted to my Facebook page…

"People try to shame me for living with HIV, FUCK I'M NOT THE ONE SPREADING IT. I am safer than all the other men and women you are with. Test, ladies, because the men just don't care when it comes to get a nut. I have been undetectable for so many moons. Try reading up on that shit. You want something to talk about. Talk about this topic with your teens so they they will be better prepared.

Mutual monogamy is not always the case for a lot of women are given the diagnosis by their supposed faithful husband. Yes, the numbers are high. Young girls sleeping with there "sugar daddies" or men claiming to be straight having sexual relations with other men and going home to you. Please stay in the know. It can save your life. I can't be a resource if I don't accept my own situation and use this for the good of all. Their dumb ass it's out. I always claim my shit. I am not a weak woman so don't try me. I will not only beat you, I will school your ass! Off to do my fair share of loving others and ME!"

The response was amazing... I followed up this morning with another post.

I was so impressed with the start of a conversation. Most people are so uptight to talk about it. What the heck. We need to be able to speak freely and educate each other or we will lose this fightable battle. I put myself on the firing line for I am so tired of being mistreated and talked to like trash because of the Stigma and Ignorance. They say Knowledge is power. I have the knowledge though without sharing it, I have released any power to change the current situation.

I choose to keep the power to use it to inform and get others to embrace the words HIV/AIDS. The words cannot hurt you. The information cannot hurt you. People, "hurt people," hurt people.

I begin a journey to help others understand HIV by getting to know me, the real girl. What makes me smile and what makes me cringe.

I will not be silent any longer. I am taking my power to the streets to let others know the facts, the truth, and how they can become a part of the solution. You don't have to be HIV positive to have an impact in your community. You just need to care.

This is just the beginning of my story. My life with HIV, Stigma, abuse, addiction, rape, violence, betrayal, and Love.

I am not afraid of ME as I once was. I am not any less important than you. Thank you for letting me share.



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