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I wonder. Then I just imagine.

Refreshing. Shouting out what takes space in the mind or heart. I am much more special than you could imagine.
My journeys, adventures, memories are mine. I am on my way to have a sleepover with Sissy. I love our time together. heart
Be watchful of stagnant or squandered moments.
Every minute of the day should consist of giving your best. From my experience; you get what you give.
When I was a child (I'm singing Pink Floyd), I loved my community, an American girl who dreamed of what I could do to give others opportunities. We did a lot of fun adventures. I noticed some kids didn't. Others had much. I didn't care, I was happy.

I met The Man in the moon. I confirmed this with siblings and cousins. I always brought imagination into everything I had been blessed to learn. Perspective of finding joy in all situations comes from this ability to see what I need while ignoring that which won't change my world. I believe we have lost sight of inner child-like approaches to difficult conversation.

I do expand my mind with books, webinars, conferences, volunteer work, helping in my community alongside Equality Florida and Second Chance Florida. I speak about HIV, AIDS, STI and STD Health, how to not put yourself at risk.

Currently I battle Lupus. It's a different battle than HIV and has apparent side effects; the remission is not here. My HIV status since getting on meds is undetectable. I was diagnosed in 1997. I started treatment in 2006 when my viral load was deadly- AIDS would set in. According to the data in 2006, T-cells under 50 gave you an AIDS diagnosis. I am truly lucky to have been tested for the virus again. I practiced safe sex and never looked back. I did not know how important care would be for my survival and future. I began taking one pill a day. At my 30-day follow-up visit I achieved an undetectable status; meaning meds were working. I have kept that status throughout the years. My T-cells are above 500. I am HIV positive. I escaped AIDS - so many have not. I worked with the forgotten and disposed of AIDS patients because I loved them and my secret was their reality. When I first heard my diagnosis, I ran. Then I wanted to help. To know what I had done to me. My first boyfriend died of AIDS at nineteen. I was devastated. I had no way to share this pain. So I silenced it.

Today I am happy to know about U=U and how maintaining an undetectable viral load, along with adherence to my meds, means I can enjoy condomless sex and not transmit HIV to my partner. Life just got a whole lot better. Thanks to science and the Prevention Access Campaign, the whole outlook on how I perceive my life and myself has been amazing to say the least. Hope you all are spreading the word. We are truly headed to ending HIV.

Truly freed,
Angel S.



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