In the Depths of Winter

Today begins with a dance, a delicious duet between my anxious twinges and relatively dark depression. The audience on the edge of their seats... who will take the lead? Will she weep on the ground or work diligently to steady gasping breaths in the corner of the room?

Oh, it's snowing! How beautiful! Oh, but the ground is too hot... it's turning to mud. Let's turn on some music; close our eyes. I said that thing again... the thing that hurts your feelings (oops, sorry). Trigger happy and overstimulated in a crumbling world while I make myself into an umbrella to shelter the babies, but SHIT I forgot it was snowing so hard outside (so much mud).

People can be really shitty, you know? Concerned with the money in their pockets and defending/ignoring/denying the evil they're inciting on their team (it's call white supremacy, you fucking animals) Oooh, she has a dirty mouth- shame.

This is history in the making!! Take back our country!! Save the unborn children (but choke out that piece of shit blocking the entrance)!! You murderers!!! Above all, protect all (blue) lives in the name of the Father (unless they're black- but oops, don't say that out loud unless you know they're on your side... and don't forget... pinky up, people. That's important.).

Seriously though, y'all are full of shit. Have you ever seen that movie Billy Madison? The part where he leaves the bag of flaming shit on the doorstep of the old man? Well, when the old man opens the door, he stomps out the fire in a panic and gets shit all over his boot.That's what I feel like doing to each of you. Although I'd probably get shot by your fancy guns (wait, maybe not... whiteness will be my shield).

I should probably dance today. And do the dishes. And hug my babies. And brush my teeth. And say I'm sorry. Or show it?? Yeah, I should show it. I need to go into town later. Oh, the snow again! Maybe it'll get colder and the snow will stick! That would be awesome. I hate the cold.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Probably snow... well, hopefully. The snow is so pretty (I'm sorry). I need a hug.




Virtual hug

Red40something's picture

Hugs and light and praying for a moment of joy and laughter for you to remind you life is not perfect, but it's worth it. Despite all the mud and shit.
Peace my sister!


Thank you <3

HEROconnor's picture

Sending love and light right back. It was a particularly tough day when I wrote this and was definitely thinking many things at the same time. I've been having many more moments of peace since then.

Peace to you. <3


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