Did nutrition play a part in the conference, or is it still a taboo?

Submitted on Sep 11, 2012 by  linda1st

It's probably a good thing I did not go (to AIDS 2012), I am afraid my restraint is wearing thin.

I have stepped up my nutritional intake, with Basil oil, and I plan to also get some Oil of Oregano. They kill bacteria and virus.  It can't be said any plainer than that. Why not try it?

Turmeric, Curry, Coconut oil, Cardamon....seems to me if the addition of the planet's medicines stimulate the Lymphatic system to purify itself, purge itself, heal itself...well why not use it?

So my diet of Onion sandwiches, Garlic Soup, Cabbage dinner, and Curry Cauliflower are holding the virus at bay!!!!  A glass of wine occasionally, rarely a shot of liquor.  I don't smoke cigarettes, I rarely eat sweets, and most of the food I eat is cooked at home or raw.

It's the same as an anti-cancer diet, a fight-your-diabetes diet, an anti-obesity diet.  It's eating what you know you should for health.  Read labels and avoid chemicals. The chemicals are counter productive to optimum health, and WE WANT OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Shame on the powers that control this, because they aren't forthcoming with helpful information. If you want to live without fear, take care of yourself.  I have to remind myself I have this, or I'd be out there looking for some intimacy.  Eating healthy to live to see 100 years old is my goal, to hell with this virus....it's not in control, I am.

Ancient cultures have studied and used herbs for 1000's of years, and the scientific data of their properties have also been documented.  Do your own investigation, read, be proactive in your quest for health.  We are susceptible to many other maladies now, and a healthy lifestyle will guard against many of them.  Don't settle for less and don't expect others to tell you, because they obviously ARE NOT.

I switched Doctors for more dialog, he just sat there and looked at me puzzled and speechless. Wonderful......just wonderful.  I am so pissed, and I am yelling....do you hear me?

Best of health to you.....Love Linda

Note: I have several online resources for herbs, essential oils and healing information that I’d be happy to share with you. If you are interested, please email me at strawberrydeguise@yahoo.com.


Submitted by lovinglife101

Hello Linda,

Thanks for sharing all your information. I have been positive for 27 years and don't ever remember nutrition being a taboo subject. It is probably now talked about as much as it should be but eating healthy does play a key role in all chronic health conditions.

I know with some alternative remedies there may be interactions with HIV medications so it is very important we not only talk with our doctor's but utilize our pharmacists as well. Pharmacists have a wealth of information - all we have to do is ask.

Supplements that may be dangerous for us to take include:

St. John's wort - Commonly used to combat depression, St. John's wort can reduce the effectiveness of several types of anti-HIV drugs by more than 50 percent.

Garlic supplements - Although garlic may help strengthen the immune system, it also interacts with several anti-HIV drugs — reducing their effectiveness by 50 percent. Occasionally eating garlic in food appears to be safe.


It is a very interesting topic and I know many researchers are looking into alternative ways to improve our health by the foods we eat.

Thanks again!

Submitted by linda1st

thank you for the added info. I do not support most supplements, as much as I promote foods and FRESH foods; lifestyle choices and changes.

Microwaved food has NO nutrition. Don't waste calories and precious nutrients on anything microwave...it is a waste of money and robs us healthy foods we need.

It's about learning on your own.....and not waiting for a pill pushing doctor to tell you to eat more spinach and kale.

I don't use St. John's Wort.....I have hobbies for depression and I sleep when I need to, and try to feel lucky I am so healthy.

We can't poison ourselves, pickle ourselves, medicate ourselves (from xanex to cocaine)...and expect the body to heal on a cellular level.

Take good care of yourselves and eat REAL foods. If your a newly diagnosed...you may not need the meds.....but having a quest for health is key.

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