Don't Have To Dress How You Feel

Submitted on Nov 20, 2023 by  JustineDD


A Girl Like Me blogger, Justine.

Did you know getting dressed up is a form of self-care? I literally did not think of it as self-care until now. Self-care to me is anything that brings me pleasure. Getting dressed up, nails, hair and makeup done is what makes me feel my best. This has been a rough year financially for my family and if I dressed how I felt, y'all would need to put me in a padded room. Although a lot of my everyday activities are running errands and going to work. Lately, I find myself getting dressed up just to go to the store. I remember I did my make up one day going to the grocery store and completely forgot I had it on. A guy complimented me on how beautiful I was. I said thank you. He proceeded to ask, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I let him know I had a whole family at home. My boy looked heartbroken, but your girl still got it. Now don't get me wrong, my boyfriend compliments me all the time, but it's nice to know 'Momma Still Got It'!!!!

My challenge lately is finding my new style. The way I want to dress and the way my pockets are set up just don't match. Finally, letting go of size 2 Justine and accepting adult body Justine, Shein and the thrift store have been my best friends. I also have had to learn to style the clothes I have in different ways. Making bottoms tops and tops bottoms. Remembering accessorizing is key. Looking good does not have to be crazy expensive. Having a fashion design background, I know how to think outside the box on a budget and make it look expensive. I wish I had the time to make my own clothes, but realistically I don't have time. We as women have a habit of buying clothes and only wearing it once because someone saw us in it. You better put them clothes the f*** on. I have mastered YouTube University in cosmetology and style hacks. Even though I miss being pampered, I can't let myself go. Mothers have a bad habit of making sure everyone else around us has everything they need and putting ourselves last.

I'm holding myself accountable to do more for me because if mommy is not good, the whole house won't be good.


A Girl Like Me blogger, Justine.

Submitted by KatieAdsila

I totally get this, I’m bad most of the time about letting myself go, especially if I’m just here at home, but sometimes I’ll just put makeup on just for myself, just to remind myself who I am and feel good about myself, so I totally understand dressing up as self care. And you DO look amazing 

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