I Made It!

Submitted on Jan 24, 2013 by  wowreallytab

Devil, you can't do nothing to stop me, discourage me, hinder me, or taint my testimony!!!!!!! I know you a dirty fighter so you finna throw everything at me that you can just so you can try to say told y'all she ain't what she say she is...welp guess what silly rabbit tricks are for kids.

My DADDY has promised me, brought me through, showed me, pulled me, carried me, dragged me, loved me, held me THROUGH SOME STUFF, AND.MOST.OF.ALL HE SAVED ME!!

So today on 1.23.13, my 36th birthday, that HE allowed me to see. I DECLARE AND DECREE devil YOU DONT HAVE A CHANCE WITH ME. you might get a couple licks in, but that's cool cause what you don't realize is that you should have never touched me. I AM WEARING THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD. WHERE you THOUGHT you WAS GONE CUT AND MAIM ME you WILL ONLY LEAVE BRUISES.

So that HIV you put on me has only made me STRONGER. That SHAME you gave me has only made me speak out LOUDER against STIGMA. The ABUSE from ex boyfriends has only showed me how to LOVE myself so I can LOVE my future husband. ALL the HURT has shown me how to be EMPATHETIC towards others. THE TURMOIL THAT WAS ONCE MY LIFE CAUSE I WAS KICKING IT WITH you HAS TURNED INTO MY TESTIMONY FOR JESUS.

NOW WHAT...IN 2012 you had me running scared, but Minister Stephanie Aiken- Cummings declared..I AIN'T GOING OUT LIKE NO PUNK. Bishop Eric Morrison has ALWAYS told me I'M a TROOPER..SO NOW WHAT devil...I MADE IT!

Submitted by Abena

You got it Gal. Have faith in your God that he can heal You. Many HIVPLUS people are receiving their healing too, so u can. Keep on praying and keeping the faith and expect a miracle one day. GAL, IT IS WELL!

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