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Submitted on Apr 8, 2022 by  Precious Kaniki


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I wanted to be an electrical engineer. Then, at 14 years old, I was told I am HIV positive. Many young girls and women do vividly remember how they were told about their HIV diagnosis. Perhaps this news changed them for the better or worse. I remember contemplating about not wanting to live anymore as I couldn't see myself taking ARVs for the rest of my life. I withdrew from everyone and everything, and always thought I was not good enough.

After seven years of living in denial and continuously postponing all opportunities I had in life, academically and socially, I reasoned that I would try to be soft on myself to understand myself better and mostly to love myself. All that required self-effort to accept my HIV diagnosis, despite having my family, friends, and a support group.

As a young woman living with HIV and being public about it, I want to remind every girl and woman living with HIV that it's okay to feel sad about your HIV diagnosis; it's okay to cry about it. Nevertheless, the mind is a powerful element within our body and it can work wonders if you just accept, love, understand, and be soft on yourself. Whenever you feel sad about your diagnosis, it's okay to practice self-care and be a little bit selfish and focus on your health. This is because the HIV diagnosis is just a part of your life, your health, and your responsibility.

Why Precious wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: It's a platform that gives girls an opportunity to share their stories without being judged and mostly it reminds girls to be resilient and determined in life regardless of what they have been through while living a positive life.

Submitted by JoDha

Heartiest welcome, Precious Kaniki. 

If that's alright with you, what is your nationality? I am from India.

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