Loving Yourself

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by  Destiny123

What does it mean to Love Yourself? I used to ask myself this question. I would look into the mirror and still could not figure out how to really love myself. When you're filled with so much anger and hurt, how do you love yourself?

Once I made up my mind to accept things I could not even change, and accept ME for ME, then I began the healing process and Loved myself unconditionally. Yes, it's hard and can be a big challenge. I've been there before, but I tell people all the time the best feeling in the world is to Love yourself for who you are.

Having this condition, HIV, I thought I was ugly, nasty and some beast. Many crying nights I tried to put all the answers together. Once the healing process began, I realized that HIV was only a part of me and I was yet pretty inside and out. You cannot allow your condition no matter what it is to define who you are. You can't even allow people whether it's your family, friends, spouse, children label YOU!!

Look into the mirror right now. Look at the beauty that you are seeing. Look at the strength that you have within yourself. You are somebody! You will make it! Stop looking for love in all the wrong places, stop allowing yourself to be hurt over and over again. Take time out for yourself, treat yourself out and enjoy YOU!!

Love Yourself, accept YOU!! Nobody will love you the way you love YOURSELF!!!


Monique Howell-Moree

Submitted by sologirl

Thanks Monique! It's a daily affirmation to remind ourselves and love ourselves.

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