March 13, 2011- Blog from Bose

boseI currently work at the National Call Center on HIV/AIDS and related disease in Nigeria. This has given me more opportunities to counsel lots of people and educate them on HIV/AIDS. We receive calls from the 36 states in Nigeria, it gives me joy to touch and impact other people life in through this medium. On a daily basis  I counsel over thirty-two people on different issues of life even outside the scope of HIV/AIDS. Sometimes I receive calls that are so emotional and very sad, families are calling to find out how they can or should relate and better manage their relative who is tested positive with the virus. Today a man called to find out why his adopted child died of HIV/AIDS? His story was a sad one that it made me very sad about many things that are not in place when it comes to HIV/AIDS issues in this part of the world where I come from. It breaks my heart to find out that the motherless baby home that gives this out child for adoption did not carry out the test on this baby. The man said something that struck me...he said he does not mind the HIV status, if only his case was managed properly by the home and the hospital that has been taking care of this baby. This is the story that saddens my heart, as a woman living with HIV. My caller has been married for 20 years with no child of their own. The couple has been trying to adopt a child they can call their own, so some time last year around August 2012, they decided to adopt a baby boy. At a time the little boy took ill at 6months to 7 months. Later the doctor confirmed to both parents of the adopted child that the little boy is HIV positive, still they were ready to take responsibility of the child. What broke his heart is the fact that the baby died on the same day he started his medications ARV (neverapine). The man is so sad about this that he started questioning if the drug got the little boy killed. He have even willed all he had to the little boy  




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its so sad to learn that the man talked about here does think that when medication has been taken,then man starts living the life of the will of medicine.

the president


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This is truly sad, but the work you do is so important and special, as one counsellor to another do take care of yourself and sending big hugs to a special sister.


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thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. Many many thanks, hugs and kisses


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Very sad. You really are doing a great service by listening and answering questions. Hugs.


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Well done, Bose. May the Lord bless you in this work you are doing. Please share the correct information about HIV so people would stop being scared and make informed decisions - health providers also.


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Bless you for the work you are doing, but still very sad that it happened and this is 2013.


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My BOSEEEEEEEEE! I love you dearly, my sweet and precious, sister in Christ! You are such a strong and giving woman. You take my breath away with your love. Your joy is contagious to all that surround you. You awesome for letting God use you to help others, in good times and bad. You do not judge, you only give love. I am sorry to hear you were saddened by the gentleman and the horrible situation he went through with his new son. Please know that, that man soaked up the love and care in your voice and I am sure he was thankful for the information you gave to him and the comfort you brought to his heart. I miss you dearly! I pray nothing but for God to bless you everyday and your family and that your cup over flows with the love and joy you bring to everyone that hears your voice or sees your beautiful smile. I look forward to the day we are in Heaven together so we don't have to be so many miles apart. I love you my Bose, my sister. I am thankful I have you in my life.


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great job you are doing sister sad story. love and lot of hugs


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