My 'Ah Ha' Moment

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Reading the article on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) on The Well Project website, it made me think of a situation I had the other day. For those of you that don’t already know, I am in Nursing School. I am doing my rotation on Immunity, HIV and Cancer right now. I am doing my clinical rotation at a local hospital. I had the privilege of caring for a man that was aware of his HIV status for 16 years. He is married to a woman that is negative. We talked for most of the day about how he contracted the virus, why he wasn’t on treatment, and if his wife was aware of his status before they started dating. I basically get to be nosy being a student. He told me in the 16 years I was only the second person ever to ask how he contracted the virus. He said he found it that odd nobody ever asked. I was able to work with a friend of mine; however this friend doesn’t know my status, she thinks I am just really interested in the field of HIV/AIDS… yeah, for more reasons than she is aware of.  I think I was over animated while I was talking to him about the new medication choices that are available.  We also shared some war stories about the medications that he did take many years ago. Of course I wasn’t talking from experience or anything… I told him there is something out there called PrEP. I went into full detail about what it was for and how this is an option for spouses that are negative, not without side effects though. I also explained this isn’t a full proof way of not getting HIV either. He had no idea that Truvada was approved to be used this way. He said it’s about time that there were options. I gave him the Well Project’s web address. He asked for information about resources in the area. I gave him my doctor’s phone number, or as I told him, the local infectious disease specialist’s phone number that I just happen to have in my phone. LOL I also gave him the number to our local AIDS Service Foundation. That was the day I realized this is a field I think I can make a difference…  My 'Ah ha' Moment! Jae





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I have been in situations similar to yours. Good luck. It feels good to make a difference doesn't it?




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