Verbal Abuse

Submitted on Aug 18, 2021 by  Jonique85


It's been said to me this past weekend, "You got your karma when you got HIV, and now you have to live with the consequences by taking a pill each day to make sure your son has at least one of his parents." Yeah, can you believe how nasty some women can be? My son’s father (who just passed away last month), his wife couldn't wait to say that to me. She hated our bond because she knew deep down he still loved me.

Was I wrong for still having dealings with him, knowing he was married and me having HIV? Absolutely! But that just goes to show how much that man loved me. He didn't care. He is the reason I can smile til this day. After hearing about my diagnosis he made sure to do his research on it and came to me and said, "Don’t worry babymomma, let them people talk all they want. This is not a death sentence. You will be fine. What matters is that you're ok mentally and you know that you're the victim in this situation." He said, "I love you regardless and you're still beautiful." He also said he was proud of me for telling my truth and that he respected me on a whole different level now. We used protection every time and let's not forget, U=U. I am undetectable and have been for two years now.


But my point is that people will say the most hurtful things to you just to try and break you. Thank God I am healed and have come to terms with my diagnosis cause, "wheew chil..." If I didn't love my children and my life, I would have been in jail. I could never fix my mouth to say something like that to anyone. It's crazy because she's not the only one that had something nasty to say and won't be the last. I've been called a "Washed Up AIDS walking hoe" and all I do is smile and tell them, "Hey, go check out my page on IG (positively_Me); you might learn some fundamental facts about me. I can't entertain the crazy because then what does that make me? Exactly! I just wish people would be mindful of what they say to others. What if I wasn't as strong as I am. Depression is real and thank God I have mine under control at the moment. You really have to just smile through it all, it will confuse them even more. I'm so proud of myself. I came a long way and that devil tried to take me back to a place I really dislike.

Have y'all ever been talked to like this? Or have people say some hurtful things to you pertaining to your HIV status?

Submitted by Destiny1995

Yes my love, I'm so sorry for you loss. But i am also so proud of you for living in your truth and not letting the words and people get you back to a place that i know you fought so hard to get out of. Sending love

Submitted by Marig2016

It's always been said that stigma will kill you quicker than the actual virus and this is just one example of that. Many speak because of ignorance and a lack of education and that's what makes us speaking up so important. Keep standing firm in who you are. ❤️

Submitted by KatieAdsila

So sorry you had to endure that sweetie, unfortunately stigma and ignorance are still very real among the general population, thats why its so important that we speak up and educate them. thank you for sharing (for perhaps someone else's researching boyfriend to find)

Submitted by Escalice

I'm so sorry for your loss. I think people who go out of their way to say hurtful things to others and put them down are truly just miserable themselves. They need to make others around them feel bad to make themselves feel better. I'm so glad you are in a mental space not to take that crap personally. What she said has nothing to do with you. You keep shining 

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