What's Changed?

"What's changed?" is a question I've asked myself at least once every day since the diagnosis. What has changed about me? My answer is always the same: I'm the same ole Destiny. But in all reality, I am not the same woman from December of 2017. I am a completely different woman and I say that in the most humble and appreciative way. Yes, I've contracted something that the world sees as nasty or sick or whatever words they can think of in the negative aspect. But that woke me up in a way I needed. I think more before I do, I make sure the risks I'm taking are carefully thought through, I enjoy the little things. You only live once. Whether you have HIV or not, the best thing you can do is live every day like it's your last. Tell the people you love, "I love you," give more smiles and hugs, keep a positive mindset, and most importantly, love thyself inside and out.



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