Why It Is Important to Have Language Justice in Our Latinx Communities

It is crucial for Latinx people to feel comfortable speaking their language, which in many ways causes a barrier to communicate with their physicians, case managers, etc. I have worked with many who have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system because they are afraid to ask important questions about their health and conditions. They feel ostracized and embarrassed because they do not speak English--especially in a time where we are targeted for being Latinx and people of color!

I also believe all organizations and conferences should have a buddy system or interpreters because we all need knowledge and as we know, knowledge is power!! Last but not least, an empowered patient will be more likely to be adherent and will be an example to their communities as they find the tools to navigate this system that can be confusing to many, especially in these very toxic and scary racial times that we live in.

Love and light
Maria Mejia



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