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Submitted on May 1, 2016 by  Destiny123

Never be afraid of your voice. We all have the right to exercise our voice!! Your voice does matter! I once was afraid to speak publicly about issues, policies, laws when it came to HIV. However once I dug deep into my life experience and how I overcame many obstacles I began to use my voice more frequently to target many audiences.

We can sometimes allow other advocates or motivational speakers to "steal our voice" or our "purpose" because we are afraid of what others may say. Those who are open about their status should exercise their voice as much as possible. You lived your life, and nobody else lived it but you!! Knowledge is power and somewhere there is somebody waiting to hear your story! We all have our own story to tell and we must push each other forward. Allow your voice to be heard so that others can be informed and empowered. Your life is just that - your life - and nobody can tell you to change the meaning of "your life". Lift up a standard within yourself and don't be afraid to speak up! Those who are living in silence need your voice to speak for them and many others!

Some voices want to be heard, some want to be seen and some really want to help get the message across the world and empower others. Many reasons why we use our voice. Open your mouth and let the words embed into others’ hearts. Allow your voice to puncture the soul of individuals who are ready to give up, who don't know which direction to turn. Your voice can and will make a difference! Some people will try to say your voice don't count or don't even matter, but it do!! Just like they have a story so do you. We all fight this battle on a daily basis so you do have something to say!!

Those who are open about their status don't be ashamed and don't hide behind your fears. Open up and embrace the beautiful person that you are. Exercise your voice and allow it to be heard so that others can know they are not alone.

Submitted by HoneysPlace2

Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom!  You've inspired and totally motivated me this morning!!!    No matter what challenges/obsticles I will face... I must stay focused on my mission To inspire and motivate others with Hope and Education.  My passion to help and heal others will continue push me towards my God given purpose.

Thanks You once again for your inspiration.  Enjoy this day!

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