A Giant Step

Maybe for a person like me I was too afraid to take a giant step. Today my whole being is suffering for this lack of qualification or degree.

Lots of people believe you should not be given a job if you do not have a degree, even if you have a little educational background with a whole lot of experience about the job. That all your years of training do not amount to anything if you do not have a degree. I am so ashamed of myself most times in the midst of the degree holders.

I have worked in a private medical laboratory where my job originally was to register patients for lab tests, take sample labels and help for my then boss to carry out the tests. At this lab I learned how to take blood samples and film blood for malaria tests, even bleed blood donors, run pregnancy tests including blood group, and park cell volume (PCV) and HIV tests.

Then after knowing my HIV status in the year 2002, I joined the non-governmental organization where I was trained as an HIV treatment advocate and counselor on HIV/AIDS and TB, a home-based care provider, adherence counselor, and also as trainer of trainer in different HIV/AIDS and TB components. I got trained as an advocate and community mobilizer in engaging communities in response to HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children's plights. I have knowledge and skills from different conferences, both local and international, I have attended.

I am beginning to lose my confidence and self-esteem. My dream as a young lady back then was to become a nurse.

My job is on the line without a degree. I was told by a senior staff of the government body where I work that they are not like the international organizations who employ you based on your 16 year working experience.

I need encouragement because I have started registration with the university of the people and online university for the less privileged to start a course on business administration. Even with this giant step I am about to take there are so many challenges that are holding me back, when I think of paying house rent, feeding of my family, my elder brother's medicals and paying of my children's school fee. It makes me so worried and discouraged most times. My salary is not forthcoming as it should be so this is also a contributing factor to my educational challenges.

My experience my practical while my degree that I do not yet have is my theory, and both I must have for me and my kids to be able to survive in life, so help me God!



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