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Positive Sunbeam.I am a healthy 62 year old woman living with untransmittable HIV for 20 years. I take care of myself, exercise, cook healthy meals, and work full-time at an integrative health clinic managing the Botanical Medicine Department.

I have an awesome 32 year old son and daughter-in-law and will be a first time Grandma in 2023! I'm excited for this new role in my life and strengthening family bonds.

I strive to balance simple pleasures with social interaction, and time alone to recharge. Nature and the outdoors nourish me and I love the Oregon coast, lakes, and rivers. I am single and live alone in Oregon. I have practiced mind-body awareness since my teenage years. Yoga, meditation, dance, frame drumming, chanting, ritual and prayer are modalities I have turned to.

Why Positive Sunbeam wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I have been mostly isolated with my HIV status and now welcome my commitment of integrating life experience to be an advocate voice to end HIV stigma.





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Welcome to the community!


Thank you!

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Hi Red40something - 

Thank you for the welome and noticing I'm new! I'm finding my way around in baby steps, (there is so much information and community here!) and plan to share some thoughts on recent Aha's! Best, Sunbeam



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It's is a great privilege to have you join this amazing group ma'am.
You are most welcome and I am looking forward learning a lot from you.


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