Staying in Care When Things Get Tough Is a Priority

Submitted on May 29, 2018 by  Angel S.

My year has been full of changes. I am willing to learn from mistakes; rebuilding can be fun.

Today I awake to my granddaughter (12) and my mom. Mom cooks the best; we are having hash omelettes. Yum.

I had a day yesterday. I was stressing over forgetting to properly prepare for this trip and I was not sure when my meds would arrive or if I could even get a refill without labs and seeing the clinic. I just read a blog from Mask S. King and it reminded me to be grateful to be alive no matter what challenges I may be experiencing. I have been through so much as have so many others. I am not unique in the sense.

On a good note my diet has been amazing. My mom cooks everything homemade with fresh ingredients. I noticed my head has a bunch of new growth where I have lost my hair. This makes me very hopeful.

I should not complain about my changing life, my forgetful mind, or my balding head. I am going to continue to tackle these challenges one day at a time. I really just wanted to share that however broken I am I have to get meds, go to the doctors, get labs and stay on top of my care. No one knows better than me what I need. I am not alone in having lapses in my care. I am human. I will make mistakes if I am doing it right. I have just heard from the local pharmacy I use and they are sending the meds to me. Yeah! Had I given up and just said, "Oh hell,” I might be another two weeks without medication. I chose to be a pain in the ass and keep calling until I was able to reach someone. This news alone has helped my stress level drop 100 percent. Preparing for travel and not forgetting things is hard enough without the added stress of remembering to take that one pill a day to keep me alive. A vital part of my daily schedule.

I am not a lost soul. I am a girl that sometimes gets down like others, life happens to us. Each day is up to me to bring into perspective and take what I can, while learning to live again without abusing myself in the process. I choose to be happy and continue smiling when the sky seems to be crashing down on me. This is part of my journey.

Thank you Dee Connor, Mark S. King, Bruce Richman, and Wanda Brendle-Moss for reaching out to me and including me in the podcasts and focus groups. To have a safe place to voice when we are scared or just lonely and confused is huge. I have a new perspective on these ever changing days and emotions. I am grateful to have such a family of support. Thank you all, especially The Well Project and A Girl Like Me.

Stay Beautiful and live in your truth.

Submitted by Angel S.

I did ask for help. I'm comfy getting things done. I trust my space. Self care includes. Weekly groups and individual trading of experience; and action plans.Meaningful involvement.

Submitted by Beautifulb

So while reading this I saw that you said  not complaining about your forgetful mind..Hmm 

It seems that lately I am forgetting things and I was not sure if this was a part of the process. I have been scared for the past couple weeks because someone can say something and 5 minutes later I can not remember what they said or I remember part of the conversation and I get so frustrated. 


Submitted by Angel S.

Yes. I get worried too. I have to write everything down no matter how simple it may be. Im not sure if it is a side effect of my meds. It is annoying

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