Video chat with my daughter about HIV

Submitted on Apr 12, 2016 by  IeshiaDKScott

Knowing when and how to answer questions regarding your status is hard, especially when they're coming from our children. Giving the correct information is key, while keeping it age appropriate will be the trick. Knowing the type of information your child can understand and what you want them to know at their specific age is best.

With Imani, it was very spur of the moment but by being a public speaker, I was able to adjust and provide just the right amount of information without going above her maturity level. For the average mother, being put on the spot, you may need a little time to think and go over your responses before giving them the information they desire. You may need a moment to pull yourself together before you can speak on your status. Always remember to be honest, as you are your child's first teacher and they may repeat the information. You want to make sure if you're private with your status that your child understands that and most importantly, why.

Sharing our status is never easy but I pray this video helps. Imani may one day have to deal with stigma due to others' lack of understanding about my own diagnosis and that scares me, but empowering her can possibly help empower others.

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Imani: Mommy why do you have an HIV page?*Disclaimer: I know some of you will say, she's too young.. I shouldn't be having this conversation with her.. BUT, she asked and I'm not going to lie or sugar down the facts. If at 8 years old she's able to listen, understand, be educated and informed, there's no reason the rest of the world can't❤️Booking email #aids #advocacy #education #poz

Posted by Ieshia Scott on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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