Welcome February 2016! And Thank You Almighty God!

I'm so excited today! It is February 1, 2016!!!

I Love this month! Not only is it the month of my birth but its just a magical month! A month of Love, Hope and Possibilities.  

I am inspired by each and every one one you Ladies that are fighting the fight and Living with HIV/AIDS. I admire your courage and strength. Whew, the power of woman! My disclosure process has been a process for numerous reasons. For one, it’s only been within the last four years that I am learning who I am. Literally. I was born an only child. I said only not lonely. I've always been extremely independent and self sufficient with or without a man in my life.  

I fear God! I fear no man! I am a private person on my own, surviving thus far unscathed. Therefore I am very cautious about my personal security. I have not disclosed on Facebook as of yet. There are a few more people I need to disclose to face to face before Social Media. It would be horrible for some to hear of my status impersonally. It won't be long… this I know... The time is now for my voice to be most effective.

Today, I was asked to participate in a third study at National Institute of Health!!! Yes!!! Of course I will!!

Have Faith and Believe and a Cure is closer than you know!

Hugs and Always Believe!



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