Women Demand to Be Included!

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I am NOT trying to offend anyone as you all know I got bigger fish to fry! You can respectfully disagree, but I am speaking for many women all over the United States of America, Latin America and the whole globe: I am tired of women being excluded in every way as far as HIV! Wtf is the problem??? You all want to do campaigns and battle stigma, but all you hear about is Gay men, MSM and my trans sisters! YES!!!! I know my brothers and sisters are high risk, but how can you really change the world’s mind that this continues to be a gay man’s disease, when we all know this is a HUMAN condition that affects us all?!!! We need to be included in panels! ALL women! Black, Latinx, white! Women, period!!! We need research to be done on women! We need to undertake that women are fighting alongside with men against this fight and it saddens me to go on mainstream media and to hear people still believe in the ignorance of the 80s!!! They are ignorant “my job is to educate them.” What is our excuse???? We demand to be included and we are going to be a part of the table in every aspect! We will make sure we hold organizations accountable for practicing MIPA and not being treated as tokens! We matter and we are fighting for our lives and other people’s lives!




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